Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christian Response To Today's School Shooting

Several people have asked me to offer a Christian perspective to today's tragedy. I am completely inadequate to do so. There are no words, no expression of compassion, or act of charity that can bring peace and understanding to the Moms and Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas, and close family members of those precious little children who were murdered today. There is absolutely no way whatsoever that I can even begin to understand the depth of their pain and heartbreak. 

What we as Christians must do is pray diligently for them, and be ready and willing to offer any support and help these families may need in the days, weeks, months, and years to come. Christmas is often a time of joy for most families, but the holiday season will never be the same for those families effected today. We often pray for and extend charity to the grieving in the immediate aftermath of such a tragedy, but we must continue to do so in the years to come. 

My heart goes out as well to the other little children who were subjected to this horrible day. It will no doubt be a traumatic day that will haunt and confuse them for years to come. The teachers, staff, and parents of the school will be faced with heartbreak, uncertainty, and emptiness. The first responders who walked into the aftermath will undoubtedly be effected for years to come. I can't imagine walking into such a heart stopping scene. The entire community needs prayer, encouragement, sympathy, and whatever charity is needed. We as Christians should respond with compassion, love, understanding, and a great willingness to help in any way possible. 

Days like today serve as a strong reminder that none of us are guaranteed another moment of life. What a beautiful and precious gift life is, and what a sobering reminder that death may come at any moment without warning. We should all be diligent today in making sure that we have made our peace with God by receiving Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. None of us are guaranteed another moment. Have you told the people in your life that are special to you just how much you care for them? Have you slowed down long enough to open a door for a lady, or help an elderly person load their groceries? Life is such a precious thing which is here one moment and gone the next, so we must use every moment to it's fullest. 

One question I was asked is, "Why would God do this, or why would He allow it to happen?" Friends, God didn't do this. A man who chose to rebel in the wickedness of his heart against every command of God to not do this, that man is the cause. God has given us free moral agency, and we are free to choose Him and His way, or to follow sin. We are not robots who are forced against our will to do horrific acts. Again, we are free moral agents and that is both the beauty and tragedy of our human existence. Sadly, many refuse to observe the moral laws set forth by a God of love, and in breaking those laws such as "Thou shalt not kill" they bring nothing but tragedy and heartache. If anything, these events should remind us that God's principles for human living bring about the very best in quality of life. It's when we as wicked people rebel that tragedies like today happen. However, God is ready even now to offer peace, grace, mercy, and love to everyone who needs Him in this desperate hour. 

Moments ago I heard a commentator smirk with the question, "Where was God today?" Must I remind everyone that we have told God that He is not wanted in our schools, He is not wanted in our government, and often He's not wanted in our homes. Maybe today will serve as a reminder of How desperately we need Him in our culture. 

My heart breaks today for all those who were murdered, and like most people I have a specific pain in my heart when I think about the innocent blood of the children that was shed today. Not only the currently reported 20 children in this school shooting, but the other 3,500 little children that will be murdered today before they ever have the opportunity to be held by loving arms, or to play with a puppy, or make friends at school. My heart breaks for the 3,500 little babies that today will be considered an inconvenience, or unwanted, or a mistake. The health of 3,500 new Mothers will not be threatened today, but they will make a decision to end their child's life. This breaks my heart every day. God may have already given us the next great scientist who would've created a vaccine for the AIDS virus, or the next great doctor who would have found a cure for cancer, or the next great preacher who would've reached the world with God's love, but they were an inconvenience and thus were murdered before ever having the chance to draw their first breath. This breaks my heart every day. 

This a dark and tragic day in our nation. If your children came home safe today, then give them a hug and tell them you love them. Begin now raising them in the fear and nurture of the Lord. Make getting them to Sunday school a higher priority than getting them to ball practice. Set an example for them by living a life that builds up your community rather than tearing it down. Discipline them when they do wrong so they'll realize there are consequences when they do wrong. Teach them morality, virtue, and accountability, and do it by example. Pray with them, go to church with them, and teach them to read God's word by the example of you doing it. Love them, because tomorrow may not give the opportunity as today has so shockingly reminded us.