Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Christianity is in real trouble...

For the most part I am a positive individual. I tend to look at things from a Christian world view which permits me to see God's providence at work even in great trials and adversity. But I am continuously alarmed at the growing illness which has plagued the body of Christ in our Western Culture. Salvation by faith alone in Christ alone has been replaced by salvation through church attendance. Hopefully in this article I will be able to articulate my concern...

What is "trending" these days that concerns me is not necessarily a Twitter topic. I'm more concerned with the trend of new language that has infected popular Christianity in America. We seem to think a discussion about Christianity can not take place without tossing around certain terms such as community, culture, multicultural, relevant, radical, non-threatening, and last but definitely not least, UNCHURCHED. It's the term "unchurched" that has raised my theological warning antenna, and brought a great deal of concern to myself and many others who truly are concerned for the souls of men.

Why am I concerned? I mean, doesn't it make us more "relevant" and "non-threatening" to use the term unchurched? After all, saying that people are lost or unsaved is offensive and we are well aware that the Jesus of 2013 is never offensive, never confrontational, and wants everyone to feel special. In our "multi-cultural communities" it is the cool and "radical" thing to say when speaking of people who are on the threshold of eternity, and are facing the wrath of a Holy God who pours out eternal indignation on those who don't know Christ Jesus as Lord. Our priority should never be a straightforward explanation of their condition and the solution found in Christ alone, should it? sarcasm

By the using the term "unchurched" we have sent the message to the lost world that their only problem is their lack of church attendance or membership. The direct result of that is a generation of lost men and women who now think salvation is found by being "church'd." I personally see it on a daily basis. When I converse with people about their spiritual condition they immediately respond with, "Oh, I go to ___________ church!" Their language is horrific, their lifestyles are ungodly and wicked, and they have absolutely zero commitment to Christ whatsoever. In further conversation you find them to be casual drug users, borderline alcoholics, sex addicts, supportive of homosexuality, abortion, partying, the worship of other gods, and no idea of the Biblical doctrine of salvation. But in their minds they are safe, secure, and heaven bound! Why? Because they are no longer in the "unchurched" crowd, they now attend a church occasionally. The church has become their cross, and their membership has become their empty tomb. The greatest threat to the salvation of sinners in 2013 has become the institution of the church itself. What a frightening thing. 

The church is called the "pillar and ground of the truth" (1 Timothy 3:15), and yet she has become the entity by which truth is viewed as offensive and the enemy. Our mission is NOT to "relate to and relevantly reach the unchurched" and thus grow our assemblies into large "multi-cultural communities." Our mission is to equip the Saints in order that they might go forth into the world and share the Gospel truth with lost sinners before it is eternally too late. My prayer and hope is for a commitment from churches everywhere to re-commit to discipleship, re-commit to faithful Biblical study, re-commit to obedience, and re-commit themselves to sharing the truth of fallen man's condition, and the truth of fallen man's only hope... Jesus Christ.